An avatar of John Geffert wearing typical attire for a financial advisor with a diver helmet on his head. A combination of his two careers.

I’m John Geffert, a combat veteran, distance runner, husband, and owner of Deep in the Trenches.

I’m also an Enrolled Agent and partner of Financial Independence Advisors – a wealth management firm.

I started this blog because of I have a passion for learning and educating. My goal is simple: to educate and empower people like you to make smart financial decisions so you can retire on your terms.

You may be wondering about the picture above. This avatar is a combination of my two careers, Army Diver and Financial Advisor

A picture of John Geffert Diving in Baghdad, Iraq during his first deployment in 2006.

I joined the Army right out of high school. I spent 27 months in the Middle East over two combat deployments.

Becoming an Army Diver is one of my greatest accomplishments. You can read more about why in part 1 here and part 2 here.

After obtaining the rank of Staff Sergeant, being a Squad Leader and Diving Supervisor, I received an honorable discharge after 8-years of service.

The picture above shows me diving in the Tigris River in Baghdad, Iraq. This photo was taken during my first deployment in 2006 as we prepped the area to demo (blow up) a bridge.

A picture of John Geffert, his wife Kelly and their two dogs in Port Clyde, Maine.

My wife Kelly and I have been together since 2008 and married since 2014.

We are passionate about animals and their well-being. To date, we’ve adopted 3 animals putting us at a total of 5; 3 dogs and 2 cats.

This photo was taken in Port Clyde, Maine. Our home away from home and where we enjoy spending our summers.

Why I Created Deep in the Trenches

The short answer: To educate and empower investors in all stages of life.

The longer answer: I’m a philomath. I read about investing, personal finance, and investor behavior daily. Heraclitus said “The only constant in life is change”. Staying up to date with the changes can be a challenge.

There is only so much free time in the day and let’s be honest, reading about P/E ratios, taxes, and financial planning strategies isn’t very high on that list. That’s why I created Deep in the Trenches. This blog is designed to provide clarity around important financial topics and teach you strategies that can help you achieve your financial goals.