C-Suite and Director Level Executives

You are excellent at making money. Managing that money is not your strong suit. Not only is time an issue, but your strength of thinking big picture doesn’t always mesh well with the detail required to most efficiently manage your wealth. The overwhelming amount of information that you’ve either researched yourself or processed from your friends and family has, at times, delayed when you should have taken action. Your professional outlook is very promising. The outlook of accumulating wealth is somewhat confusing.

Your concerns entail some or all the following:

Financial Planning and Investment Management

  • Retirement, Brokerage Accounts, and Education Savings
  • Uneven cash flow from commissions
  • Planning for a career change
  • Real Estate: Primary Residence and Investment Properties
  • Stock Options
    • ISOs
    • NSOs
    • RSUs

Mitigating Tax Liability

  • Balancing tax savings now with income tax planning for later
  • Deduction considerations
  • 1099 opportunities
  • Estate & Probate Tax considerations

Estate Planning

  • Trust considerations
  • Wills, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy
  • Gifting Strategies

Risk Management

  • Maximizing your company benefits
  • Needed additional coverage for untimely death, disability, long term care
  • Wealth transfer