Corporate Executive or Director

You are an intelligent, hard-working, successful professional. The demands of your career are intense, and your family is no different. You wouldn’t change any of this for the world – except for hours in a day. If you had the time, you could likely figure out many of the financial issues that face you and your family. You’re ready to entertain off-loading the work required to be a responsible professional and family member.

Your concerns entail some or all the following:

Proper asset allocation as it pertains to your:

  • Retirement, Brokerage Accounts, and Education Savings
  • Real Estate: Primary Residence and Investment Properties
  • Stock Options
    • ISOs
    • NSOs
    • RSUs

Mitigating Tax Liability

  • Balancing tax savings now with income tax planning for later
  • Deduction considerations
  • Estate & Probate Tax considerations

Estate Planning

  • Trust considerations
  • Wills, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy
  • Gifting Strategies

Risk Management

  • Maximizing your company benefits
  • Needed additional coverage for untimely death, disability, long term care
  • Wealth transfer