Employee with Stock Compensation

You’ve elevated within your company. Not only is your base compensation higher than most, but you are also awarded opportunities to participate in the growth of the company through stock. You’ve likely started doing the math and realized that, based on your existing compensation and the vesting schedule, you could be in a really good financial position earlier than many of your peers, assuming wise decisions. The company that you work for has helped you accumulate wealth, and you have an affinity for the company’s stock. That said, you recognize an objective and professional perspective is likely appropriate for several reasons.

Your concerns entail some or all the following:

Financial Planning and Investment Management

  • Stock Options
    • ISOs
    • NSOs
    • RSUs
  • Retirement, Brokerage Accounts, and Education Savings
  • Real Estate: Primary Residence and Investment Properties
  • Planning for a career change

Mitigating Tax Liability

  • Balancing tax savings now with income tax planning for later
  • Deduction considerations
  • Estate & Probate Tax considerations

Estate Planning

  • Trust considerations
  • Wills, Power of Attorney, Health Care Proxy
  • Gifting Strategies

Risk Management

  • Maximizing your company benefits
  • Needed additional coverage for untimely death, disability, long term care
  • Wealth transfer