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When I decided to start a blog, it wasn’t the idea of writing that was most daunting to me.  It was the idea of naming the blog that almost gave me hives.  If you know me personally, you know that creativity, in this vein, isn’t a strong suit of mine.  Fortunately, I managed to come up with the name Deep In The Trenches. Let me tell you how I get there.

There are 3 things I’m passionate about. Financial planning, the work I did in the Army as a Diver, and football.  “But John, what about your family?”.  Of course, I love my family, but it would have been an even stranger name if I wrapped them into the name!  So, I tried to figure out how I could take those three passions, put them into a title, and keep some relevancy to what I was going to write about.

“In the Trenches”

If you aren’t a football fan, it’s common to hear coaches, players, and announcers talk about players working in the trenches.  It refers to space directly in and around the offensive and defensive line, games are won in the trenches.  I’m also paying homage to my service in the U.S Army as battles were won and lost in the trenches.  When it comes to financial planning, I equate in the trenches, to being in the details of the planning process.  Like football and war, financial success is achieved by focusing on the details of the plan and executing the written plan.


Great, so I’ve got 75% of the name covered, why Deep in the Trenches. While I had already factored in the Army component, I wanted to come up with a way I could tie in my time as an Army Diver.  From day one of training, 85% of the soldiers that start dive school fail to graduate. To my knowledge, it is the highest attrition rate of all military schools. Because of that, I’m very proud to be in the minority.

As a diver, I’d guess I accumulated months, if not years, worth of time underwater over my eight years of service. In all of those dives, the deepest dive I made was somewhere around 180’ below the surface. Deep seemed fitting.

Tying it all Together

So now that I’ve covered the name, how does it all tie together? Most of the blogs I’ll write will cover the nuances of the financial planning process. Topics like financial planning, estate, and tax planning and risk management.  Full disclosure, I’ll probably throw in a few military and football terms (don’t worry, I’ll explain what they mean if/when I use them) in the blog posts.  If you read a blog and find an opportunity I missed to use some football or military jargon, let me know via email or on one of the social platforms you follow me on.  There is a good chance if the jargon fits, I’ll revise the post and give you the credit.